The easiest way to

meet your friends

It should'nt take an hour to organize a drink

Find the perfect place that suits everyone

Make plans with your friends for the time and place of your meetup. Give details of your desired time and place. Either an already known location or a new place. Share your schedule with your friends and family, and they can join in on the plan.
Save time
You never need to be calling or texting your friends about the details of the schedule, halfway Saves you of the time and stress by allowing you to share your schedule with your friends, and lead you all to the place through the map while you can also monitor the movement of your friends.
Discover new places
In case you don't have a place in mind already, or you don't know places, We have directories of the best restaurants, bars, and cafeterias in town, and we help you to find the right place to suit you, your circle and your budget. We also lead you and your loved ones to the spot right on time.
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